Simple, effective tools for speech therapy

Speech therapy is designed to assist a range of communication problems which might relate to:

  • speech sounds – how well we say sounds and put them together to form words

  • language – how well we understand what we hear and use words to communicate with others

  • literacy – how well we read and write

  • social communication – how well we engage with others

  • voice – how our voices sound

  • fluency – our ability to speak with ease

  • communication-cognition – how well our minds work including our memory, attention span, ability to problem solve and to organise ourselves.

Speech therapists work in many different research, education and health care settings with varying roles and client populations. These include children with a language delay, people with autism and individuals post a traumatic brain injury such as a stroke.

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The evidence for flashcards in speech therapy

Flashcards are an effective teaching resource because of their emphasis on pictures to convey information.
A study completed in 2002 by Silverman found that of the 750 students surveyed, 33% were strongly visual learners and another 30% were moderately so. The majority of students had a preference for using visual imagery over other options, such as verbal or written instruction.

Another interesting study tested students’ ability to remember groups of three words. Students who tried to remember the words by repeating them over and over again did poorly on recall. In comparison, students who made the effort to make visual associations had significantly better recall.

Why use flashcards in speech therapy?

Flashcards are one of a number of resources available to speech therapists. They are popular because they are readily accessible and inexpensive compared to many other resources. They can also be used in a variety of ways to help students overcome a diverse range of communication challenges.

Speech therapy flashcards clearly convey the teaching topic. The pictures are interesting and considered to engage the student and enable their understanding.

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Using flashcards for speech therapy

Speech therapists use flashcards to help their students overcome a range of communication challenges. Here are some examples:

It was the speech and language therapist who first recommended these cards for my 3 yr old son. At first, we used them to help him say the verb. Later, we moved on to sentences like “The boy is ……..”, “The lady is ……..” and “They are ……..”. The cards are fairly sturdy and wipe clean. He can place them back into the box by himself and put the lid on.

Sienna V.

Use flashcards to improve communication

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