40 captivating cards. Showcasing 8 categories and 5 cards per category.

Emotions Volume 1
Conveying 10 unique feelings across 40 cards. With 4 compelling images per feeling.

Emotions Volume 2
Our follow up to the very popular Emotions Volume 1. Also with 40 cards and 10 more unique feelings.

Go Togethers
A highly sought after set that clearly conveys 20 pairs or ‘go togethers’. There are 40 cards in total.

Verbs Volume 1
Our most popular pack of 40 cards, showcasing 40 unique and vivid action images.

Verbs Volume 2
A wonderful follow up to Verbs Volume 1. With 40 more bright and compelling action images.

A very unique set with 40 cards that illustrate thoughtfully 10 different opposite concepts.

Conveying 7 spatial concepts across 40 images, this set depicts abstract language concepts in a clever way.

Value Bundles

Emotions Bundle
Our 2 Emotions Sets, both in their own boxes. Consisting of 80 emotions cards in total and 20 different feelings and emotions.

Verbs Bundle
With 80 verbs cards in total, our two Verbs Sets are sold together. This is excellent value for 2 well loved products.

Premium Value Box Editions

One of our best sellers. A beautiful set of images, conveying 200 unique nouns. There are 12 types of nouns (examples include food and clothes) separated by color coded dividers.

Language Flashcard Set
Our five sets in one box option with dividers that clearly separate each set. The five sets are Categories, Go Togethers, Emotions (Vol 1), Prepositions and Verbs (Volume 1),

Language Flashcard Library
Our eight sets in one box option with dividers that carefully separate each set. The eight sets are Emotions (Vol 1 and 2), Categories, Go Togethers, Opposites, Prepositions and Verbs (Vol 1 and Vol 2).

Our Entire Range in 2 Products

Language Flashcard Library
Our entire 40 card per set range located in the one box . Complete with color coded dividers so you’ll stay organised.

200 clear and compelling images of 12 different types of nouns. Examples include food, clothes and everyday household items.