Verbs Bundle

Verbs Bundle


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  • 80 clear and captivating cards
    To keep your student engaged
  • Each card is a unique image of an action
    So there’s plenty of verbs to teach
  • Clear label on the reverse side of each card
    To keep you on track with your teaching
  • A step by step activity guide that’s easy to use
    And encourages you to used the cards in many ways


Verbs are crucial for the formation of sentences. In fact, every sentence has at least one verb. Teaching verbs helps your student learn and understand the rules of grammar.

Teaching Targets

Each volume has 40 real-life images of people engaging in a range of actions.

Verbs Volume 1:
Bouncing, brushing teeth, building, carrying, climbing, crawling, crying, cutting, dancing, digging, drawing, drinking, driving, drying, eating, hugging, jumping, kicking, kissing, laughing, mowing, painting, playing, pushing, reading, riding, running, singing, sitting, skipping, sleeping, sliding, sneezing, sweeping, swimming, throwing, waving, whispering and yawning.

Verbs Volume 2:
Blowing, brushing, catching, cheering, chopping, clapping, cooking, diving, dressing, falling, fishing, gardening, gliding, hammering, hitting, hopping, hurdling, ice skating, knitting, listening, pulling, raking, rollerblading, rowing, sawing, sewing, shopping, skiing, skydiving, slicing, snorkelling, stretching, sucking, surfing, threading, typing, washing, watering, wiping and writing.

Teaching Support

Each set comes with a step by step activities guide, suitable for early through to more advanced learners. Includes:

  • touching
  • acting
  • matching
  • saying
  • plus more ideas for everyday life

Premium Quality

Printed on high-quality stock and packaged in a sturdy box with a removable lid.

Additional Information

Weight1.1875 lbs
Dimensions4.3 × 2.0 × 6.2 in

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