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Teach your student how to sort by type with the Categories Flashcard set. Bright, sturdy cards suitable for all types of learners, including toddlers, children with autism and English as a Second Language.

  • 40 double-sided cards, measuring 5.9” x 3.9” (10 x 15 cm).
  • On the front is a clear and interesting image of an item.
  • On the reverse is the item’s name and its category, like ‘car’ and the category ‘transport’.

64 in stock

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Categorising (or sorting by type) helps your student develop both literacy and numeracy skills. It provides a foundation upon which words are learned, related, stored and recalled.

 Teaching Targets

cat, dog, horse, tiger, monkey

kettle, microwave, mixer, sewing machine, toaster

belt, jacket, dress, hat, shoes

bread, cherries, chicken, doughnut, pizza

bed, cabinet, chair, couch, table

guitar, piano, tambourine, violin, xylophone

building blocks, spinning top, teddy bear, wooden car, wooden train

bus, boat, car, motorbike, plane

 Teaching Support

Comes with a step-by-step activities guide, suitable for early through to more advanced learners. Activity ideas cover:

  • touching
  • sorting
  • saying
  • + suggestions on how to explore categories further

 Premium Quality

Beautifully printed on high-quality stock and packaged in a sturdy box with a removable lid.

flashcards box

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