Picture Flashcards that are Simple, Engaging and Fun.

Picture My Picture flashcards address 7 topics that are fundamental to the early stages of language development. These topics are categories, emotions, go togethers, nouns, opposites, prepositions and verbs.

The colourful and realistic images look just like the people, places and things encountered in real life. This encourages your student to connect the learnings from the cards to the world in which we live.

The cards are smooth with a light matte finish that can be easily wiped. Staying organised is simple with the sturdy, customised boxes in which the cards are stored.

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Categories are a group of items with shared characteristics – such as color, shape or purpose. Knowing how to categorise is crucial for relating, storing and recalling words. It’s a skill that develops your student’s language and math abilities. Our Categories Set includes eight category types.


Identifying a range of emotions, within ourselves and others, is an important skill. So too is emotional self-regulation, which is the ability to understand how and why emotions occur and having effective ways of managing them. Our Emotions Sets support the development of emotional recognition and regulation. Each set consists of a diverse group of people expressing a range of feelings and emotions encountered in everyday life.

Go Togethers

Understanding the association between things helps students build their logical reasoning skills, which is the process of gathering and analysing information to arrive at a a conclusion. Logical reasoning helps with making important decisions, solving problems, generating ideas and setting goals. Our Go Togethers Set includes 20 pairs of easily recognisable objects that go together.


A noun is a word that names something, such as a person, place, thing, or idea. Learning a wide variety of nouns broadens your student vocabulary, which is the words they understand and use to communicate. A broad vocabulary helps your student to grasp and express ideas clearly and improves their capacity for abstract thinking. Our Nouns Set features 200 cards. There are 12 different types including animals, food and common household objects.


The concept of opposites, meaning words that directly contradict each other, is a key early learning topic. Learning about opposites helps your student to compare and describe the world around them and supports their literacy and numeracy skills. Understanding opposites is a prerequisite for more advanced skills such as differentiating between small/large and odd/even numbers. Our Opposites Set, consisting of 40 cards and includes 10 types of opposites such as dirty/clean and empty/full.


A preposition is a word used to link nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other words within a sentence. They can tell us where something is in space (for example, the mug is next to, or inside or in front of the microwave) and are crucial for both conveying and understanding instructions. Our Prepositions Set consists of 7 types of prepositions in an interesting and easy to understand format.

verbs flashcards


Verbs are action words that describe what a person is doing, such as singing, writing or reading. Verbs are an integral part of sentence formation. They are fundamental to how a student learns and uses the rules of grammar. Our 2 highly popular Verbs Sets showcase 80 different verbs.

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