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Picture My Picture flashcards cover topics that are fundamental to the early stages of language development. These concepts help students gain a solid understanding so they can build on their learning.

And our premium cards are a delight to use. The colourful, realistic images look just like the people, places and things your students may encounter in real life. The beautifully smooth cards have a light matte finish and sturdy boxes make storing and carrying easy.

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Categories are a group of items with shared characteristics – such as color, shape or purpose. Knowing how to categorise is crucial for relating, storing and recalling words. It’s a skill that develops your student’s language and math abilities. Our Categories Set includes eight category types.

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Emotional self-regulation is the ability to understand how and why emotions occur and having effective ways of managing them. This is closely tied to the ability to problem-solve and also helps foster positive relationships.

It’s crucial that your student can identify a range of emotions not only within themselves but in others too. Our two sets combined include a diverse group of people showing a wide range of feelings and emotions encountered in everyday life.

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go togethers

Go Togethers

Understanding the link between things helps students build logical reasoning skills. Everyday examples include taking the lid off before pouring the juice or preheating the oven before putting the meal inside. Our Go Togethers Set includes 20 pairs of easily recognisable objects that go together because of their purpose.

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nouns flashcards


Developing a broad vocabulary improves the rate that your student can process information and complete assigned tasks. It helps them grasp and express ideas clearly and enhances their capacity for abstract thinking. Our Nouns Set features over 200 cards from a range of categories, including animals, food and common household objects. Each image has been carefully chosen to clearly convey a single noun in an appealing format.

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Learning about opposites helps your student build their observation and analytical skills and expand their vocabulary. And understanding opposites is a prerequisite for more advanced numeracy skills such as differentiating between odd and even numbers. Our Opposites Set includes 10 types of opposites.

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A preposition is a word used to link nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other words within a sentence. They act as connectors and are very important to the meaning of a sentence. A misused preposition can make a clearly stated sentence a confusing jumble of words. Our Prepositions Set conveys 7 types in a unique and interesting format.

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verbs flashcards


Verbs are action words that describe what a person is doing, such as yawning, writing or reading. Verbs are an integral part of sentence formation and are fundamental to how a student learns and uses the rules of grammar. Our 2 Verbs Sets showcase 80 unique verbs.

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