Opposites Flashcards


  • 40 clear captivating images

  • 20 pairs of opposites (eg dirty and clean boots)

  • An easy to use step-by-step activity guide

Why teach opposites?

Teaching your student about opposites helps build their observation and analytical skills. It also expands their vocabulary, helping them to comprehend, retain and convey information. Opposites are a fundamental language concept, along with associations and categories.

Understanding opposites is a prerequisite for more advanced literacy and numeracy skills such as giving instructions and differentiating between large and small numbers.

 Teaching Targets

10 types of opposites with two pairs of each:


 Teaching Support

Each set comes with a step by step activities guide, suitable for early through to more advanced learners. Includes:

  • touching
  • acting
  • matching
  • sorting
  • saying
  • plus more ideas for everyday life

Opposites Buying Options

Purchase Opposites separately or as part of a larger language pack.

Such a fun way to teach opposites! And so easy for my students to interpret. I also use them to help with my students’ vocabulary.

Shannon Townsend

Thank you so much! These cards arrived this week. The manufacturer’s description of the product is as advertised. I would highly recommend!

Valda Sinclair

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Frequently Asked Questions

The label (which is often called the teaching concept) is written on the reverse side of each card. For example, if the teaching concept is ‘wet’, then the word ‘wet’ appears on the reverse side of the card. Beneath the word ‘wet’ is the word ‘dry’ (in brackets and italics) which explains that the opposite of ‘wet’ is ‘dry’.

The intention of having two pairs is to consolidate a student’s understanding of opposites. A second example serves to build on a student’s understanding of the first example.

Absolutely! You don’t need to be a qualified teacher to use these flashcards. Many parents and grandparents have provided us with positive feedback about using these cards. And the step by step guide included in the set suggests a range of activities which are suitable for very early through to more advanced learners.