A noun is a word that is used to represent a person, place or thing.

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Why teach nouns?

Learning nouns broadens our vocabulary. This improves the rate at which your student can process information and complete those tasks that have been assigned. It also supports their ability to grasp and express ideas clearly and enhances their capacity for abstract thinking.


Nouns Flashcards Set

  • 200 double-sided cards, measuring 5.9” x 3.9” (10 x 15 cm)

  • On the front is a clear and interesting image of a noun

  • On the reverse is the teaching target (in words) eg ‘cat’ is written on the back of the image of the cat

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 Teaching Targets

12 types of nouns (click to expand):

30 cards such as cat, dog, elephant, horse, tiger

20 cards such as blender, clock, computer, dishwasher, fan

15 cards such as dress, hat, pants, socks, sweater, t shirt

30 cards such as apple, bread, carrot, milk, chicken

10 cards such as bed, chair, closet, couch, dresser

20 cards such as bowl, fork, glass, hairbrush keys

10 cards such as airport, beach, classroom, forest, grocery store

10 cards such as clouds, lightning, rain, snow, sun

15 cards such as painter, astronaut, dentist, doctor, farmer

10 cards such as bathroom, bedroom, dining room, garage, hallway

10 cards such as square, circle, triangle, rectangle, diamond

20 cards such as bike, bus, car, helicopter, motorcycle

 Teaching Support

Each set comes with a step by step activities guide, suitable for early through to more advanced learners. Includes:

  • touching
  • acting
  • matching
  • saying
  • plus more ideas for everyday life

 Premium Quality

Printed on high-quality stock, neatly grouped according to the type of noun using dividers and packaged in a sturdy box with a removable lid.

noun flashcards

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these cards are suitable for children and adults alike. They are ideal for adults learning English as a Second Language and also for those with an Acquired Brain Injury, which often occurs after a traumatic event such as a stroke.

The Nouns Set is suitable for a range of speech therapy goals. Here are some examples:

Increasing Vocabulary:
Vocabulary is a set of familiar words within a person’s language. A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication – listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Improving syntax:
Syntax is the arrangement of words or phrases to create well-formed sentences. It is crucial for understanding and conveying thoughts, ideas and instructions.

Assisting articulation:
Articulation is the ability to form clear and distinct sounds that come together to form words. Clear articulation enables a person to express their basic needs and wants through to being able to engage in complex conversations.

Yes, these cards are suitable for individual and small group teaching sessions. They also work well for virtual (online) teaching sessions.

Yes, this set includes images of people from a range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. It also has a mix of males and females of varying ages from toddlers through to older adults. Emphasis has been placed on showcasing diversity.

This is perfect for language development. The cards come in a solid box which is helpful for storage and the dividers are ideal for keeping the cards organised. The pictures are of real images and not cartoons. One side is the picture of the object and the other is the word of the object. Great value for money.


Clear, useful, modern pictures. Very good value for money.


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