How to use picture flashcards

There are so many different ways to use picture flashcards for language learning.

  • Matching – Pair cards together to make a match.

  • Sorting – Sort cards by type and find the odd one out.

  • Performing – Act out the word or image on the flashcard.

  • Touching – Hear a word and point at the matching card.

  • Saying – See a card and describe the image.

how to use picture flashcards

Flashcards for specific uses

As well as the general uses listed above, flashcards can be used in specific ways to improve learning and communication.

For teaching

Using visuals can increase the rate at which your student learns and also improve their ability to comprehend, remember and retrieve information.

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For toddlers and kids

Flashcards use visual imagery to convey information. This is ideal for children because vision is the main way they learn about their world.

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For speech therapy

Speech therapists can use flashcards in a variety of ways to help students overcome a diverse range of communication challenges.

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For autism

Studies have shown that many people with autism process visual information better than spoken or written. This makes flashcards a great teaching resource.

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For stroke rehab

Flashcards can be used to treat cognitive and memory challenges by improving recall and helping the patient relearn common words.

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