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Toddlers and kids are constantly learning by experimenting, thinking and problem-solving. They learn best by actively engaging with their environment. This includes observing things and people as well as listening to and making sounds and words. They also explore objects and experiment with textures and materials such as water, sand and dirt.

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How can flashcards help toddlers and children learn?

Flashcards use visual imagery to convey information. This is ideal for children because vision is the main way they learn about their world. Around 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual in nature and it is processed very quickly.

Studies show that we typically retain 10 to 20% of written or spoken information compared to 65% when it is presented visually. The many types of visual imagery that can be effective for learning include photos, illustrations, symbols and sketches.

How to use flashcards with toddlers and kids

Flashcards are a popular way to further a child’s understanding of the world because they are portable, versatile and durable. They provide a playful means of enhancing their vocabulary and introduce children to new concepts, such as matching (eg a bowl with a spoon) and categorising (eg transport, food and clothing).

Presenting these types of activities to a child in a playful and lighthearted way can support their development. Flashcards can enhance their communication skills, including their ability to grasp and express ideas clearly. They can also encourage them to reason with logic, which means using systematic steps to arrive at a conclusion.

While the picture on a flashcard may be simple, it can be used to teach progressively more complex concepts. For example, a set of verbs flashcards may be used with a toddler to enhance their vocabulary (eg the word ‘running’). The parent of an older child might use the same set for syntax (eg the formation of the sentence ‘The lady is running’). At a later stage, this same set might be used to teach the correct use of past tense (eg ran versus run).

Flashcard activities for toddlers and kids

Flashcards work well at home and in educational settings. They’re a playful means of exploring and teaching key learning concepts and can be used in many different ways.

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