Teaching with Focus and Direction

We have taken the guess work out of how to use the cards by creating a set of easy-to-follow activity guides. Each guide comes with a set of free downloadable cards that you use as you work through the activities. This process will give you a very real sense of the cards at work and how easy and productive it can feel to engage your student in a range of flash card-based activities.

About the Activity Guides and Free Downloadable Cards

The Guides and their Downloadable Cards focus on a range of language and learning topics. These are:
• Action words (sitting/jumping)
• Describing words (eg big/small)
• Naming words (eg hat/ball)
Spatial concepts (eg inside/on top)

Each Guide steps through a range of activities, typically in order of difficulty. There are a variety of touching, sorting, saying, acting and describing activities. The variety is important because it helps to consolidate your student’s understanding of the lessons and to keep them engaged and thinking critically.

The Downloadable Cards are in A4 and US Letter Format, which means you can print them with ease. To limit wear and tear on the cards, it’s helpful to laminate them.

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