In the beginning.

My eldest son – Christopher – is the inspiration for this business. At 2 years of age he was diagnosed with autism. He did not wave or point, was deeply immersed in ritualistic play and only spoke a few words. What a dark and lonely time it was in our lives.

And then we embarked on an early learning (ABA) progam. There were daily sessions with therapists at our home, resources to either buy or create and team meetings to co-ordinate. Flashcards were at the core of this program. I selected, printed, laminated, labelled and filed every card that he used and there were many.

Step by Step. Lesson by Lesson.

Step by step, lesson by lesson, his language grew – so too his understanding of the world and his capacity to engage with us, to tell us what he wanted and needed. And how he felt.  Seeing his progress sparked in me a deep appreciation and interest in the use of pictures to enhance learning – especially for those students where a conventional approach is ineffective.

And so, the idea for Picture My Picture was borne. Captivating images, with a clear teaching intention, that are affordable and accessible to all.

Our business today.

Since then, we’ve proudly sold tens of thousands of flashcard sets across the globe. Our flashcards are used by a wide range of educators and parents for a diverse range of educational needs. These include, but are not limited to – autism, stroke, a language delay/disorder, English as a Second Language, dementia and general education.

We’ve developed our products based on our own research and experiences as well as the feedback we’ve received from our highly valued customers. Our intention is for the people who use our sets to feel the joy of teaching and for their students to experience the satisfaction and pride that comes with learning.

picture my picture flashcards

Our goal is for everyone to feel the satisfaction and pride that comes with learning.

And for those who have taught them to feel the joy of imparting that knowledge.

What our valued customers say

I like the size of these cards. They are clear and show people across a range of age groups and races. My clients respond well to these cards. I am pleased I purchased.

Damon King

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