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Flashcards for many educational needs

Picture My Picture Flashcards are a valuable educational resource for a wide range of users. These include teachers, therapists, parents and carers.

They are are designed to support anyone learning or relearning language. It may be a young child or teenager with autism, a person in their middle years learning English as a second (or third) language or someone in their later years, after a stroke.

Here’s why our flashcards are a great teaching resource

What our flashcards can teach

Our flashcards support many areas of learning. These include:

  • Vocabulary
    Those words that are understood and used in everyday language.

  • Fluency
    The smoothness with which words and phrases are joined together during speech.

  • Abstract language concepts
    Language that represents concepts rather than physical things.

  • Emotional Literacy
    The ability to understand and express feelings.

  • Reasoning skills
    The ability to think through problems and apply strategies to solve them.

  • Memory
    The process of taking in, processing, storing and recalling information.


Teach students key language concepts in an engaging and interactive way.

What our valued customers say

Speech Therapist
I’m so glad to have found these cards! They are ideal for my kids with syntax and describing goals. I love that the pictures are real.

Jasmine T

A parent
Great cards! Price is on point. They’re really well made and helping my almost 2 year old learn new words. Thank you.

Maria Gomez

An ESL Teacher
Bright, crisp images. I have fun using these cards to help my ESL students increase their vocab.


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