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At Picture My Picture we specialise in educational flashcards. We’re all about using beautiful and captivating images to teach key language concepts.

Each of our sets is designed to support anyone learning or relearning the fundamentals of language.  It may be a young child learning to speak, a teenager with autism, a person in their middle years learning English as a second (or third) language or someone in their later years, after a stroke.

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Here’s why our flashcards are a great teaching resource

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We keep it simple

The simple design of our flashcards allows the learner to focus on one concept at a time – setting them up for success.


It’s all about the pictures

Our cards teach through pictures. And there’s great research that shows we learn better through looking at pictures than by written words or speech.


Variety is the spice of life

There are many different ways to teach using our cards, which means lessons can evolve as a learner’s abilities progress.


Repeat, repeat, repeat

Our flashcards are designed to be used many times over. Repetition is a key part of learning – the more we practise, the better we learn.

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What our flashcards can teach

Our flashcards support many areas of learning. These include:

  • Vocabulary
    Those words that are understood and used in everyday language.

  • Fluency
    The smoothness with which words and phrases are joined together during speech.

  • Abstract language concepts
    Language that represents concepts rather than physical things.

  • Emotional Literacy
    The ability to understand and express feelings.

  • Reasoning skills
    Thinking through problems and applying strategies to solve them.

  • Memory
    Taking in, processing, storing and recalling information.

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The Benefits of Using Pictures to Teach

There is great evidence to suggest that there are real benefits to learning with pictures rather than words. Studies tells us that about 65% of information that is presented to us visually compared with 10 to 25% of information that is presented in written or spoken format.

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picture flashcards
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Take the guess work out of how to use the cards by following our activity guides. With simple, step-by-step advice and helpful pictures, they’ve been designed so that you get the most out of the cards and out of each lesson with your student. Feel purposeful, organised and confident whilst you teach.

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